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gold solutions plating
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Gold Solutions Plating

Home electroplating kits and supplies

Hello, we are Gold Solutions Plating – we supply home electroplating and electroforming kits and plating solutions. We have supplied our high-quality products and technical advice to thousands of happy customers since 2007.

Electroforming is the process of taking an item and encasing it in a real metal copper shell which can then be plated in a precious metal finish such as gold, silver or rose gold. The technique allows for the transformation of non-conductive objects, allowing you to plate a huge variety of items not usually suitable for plating. After electroforming, items retain all of their detail and take on a reflective mirror-shine.

Our kits are aimed at creative people such as artists, sculptors and designers who use 3D printing to generate prototypes. They are also popular among jewellery makers that use electroforming to create unique and bespoke pieces, crafted from a wide variety of organic and unusual artifacts.

We also sell a wide selection of kits for general electroplating, allowing jewellers to bring a variety of precious metal options to their jewellery ranges. Our Home Jeweller Kits allow for quick and easy plating of small jewellery items such as rings and earrings in rhodium, platinum and other finishes, in 3 easy steps.



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