• Manage my Listings

join the creative list on facebookHere you can manage your listings. This is similar to Yelp or Yell and is your entry into the directory and effectively an advert.

If you have more than one business, for example, a gallery and you are also an artist, then you can have two listings - one for each. To add more than one listing, press Submit Listing and you will be taken to the submission form again.

To edit an existing listing, choose My Listing from the left and on the right hand side of the listing you want to update, click Edit.

You will also be able to view any listings you have favourited plus any announcements from the admin.

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To encourage your clients to leave a review, you can put the below image onto your website, emails, invoices and social media. Just right-click the image and Save Image As.

Be sure to link it to your profile page on here. The link can be found by going to your listing and copying the link in the browser window. It will look something like this: https://thecreativelist.co.uk/directory/MY-PROFILE

Should you need any help, please contact us.

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Manage my Events

join the creative list on facebookHere you can manage your events. Adding an event is very easy, simply click the + sign and you will be taken to the Add an Event page. Your event will then appear in this section for you to manage. You can submit as many events as you would like.

If you have a recurring event, you can submit the first date and when it appears here, you can duplicate it by pressing the icon of two bits of paper on the right. If you hover over these icons, you can see which each does.

You can also manage venues here. If you have submitted various events in different venues, they will also appear in this list.